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Our Paper Models are designed to FLY! Whether that is “flying” at low altitudes or “launching” to higher ones, its still endless fun and adventure while learning about the science of Flight and Rocketry. All of our kits are designed for simple assembly and can be built by Modelers of all experience levels. Complete Instructions are provide in every kit that include detailed Diagrams and Flight and Launch instructions. Paper Stomp Rocket Kits also include detailed instructions on building the required Air Powered Launch System.

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Our handmade Paper Stomp Rockets are designed to be "launched"
from a simple air-powered "Stomp" Launch System that you build. 
The many replica Rockets and Aircraft are assembled to contain a simple
 air powered "engine" that can launch your model to heights of more than 150ft!
Whether you receive your Models in "ready-to-print" or pre-printed form, you can
be "flying" in a matter of hours and learning about Flight and Model Rocketry.
Assembly of any of the Paper Stomp Rocket vehicles requires some basic tools:
Scissors and/or a Hobby Knife, a Glue for Paper and an eagerness to learn and have fun!
"Ready-to-Print" Digital Kits require printing on any Home Computer Printer.
Models are printed in full colour so no painting is required.
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Just like our Stomp Rocket Models, our soaring "Flyers" are handmade Paper Models
digitally printed and assembled by you in the same manner.
However these replica Aircraft are aerodynamically ready to fly on their own!
Free-Flight Gliders that you launch manually for sustained low altitude flight.
Learn about the science of flight as you soar with these replica aircraft!
Although many of our Rockets and Planes are replicas of historically important Aircraft they are not
always "scale" accurate to their inspirations. Modelling and flight requirements make it necessary
to alter design specifications to achieve satisfactory model assembly and improved flight capabilites.
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For the Science Geek in all of us...
The Laws of Motion and how the Paper Stomp Rockets use these to Fly.
1.   First Law: Every body remains in a state of rest or uniform motion (constant velocity) unless it is acted upon by an external unbalanced force.
      The Stepping or Stomping on the soda bottle= Pressure!
2.   Second Law: A body of mass subject to a force undergoes an acceleration that has the same direction as the force and a magnitude
      that is directly proportional to the force and inversely proportional to the mass. [Stomping the Soda Bottle= Force] 
      The total force applied to the Rocket is equal to the time/length rocket is on launch pipe (Interaction).
3.   Third Law: The forces of action and reaction between two bodies are equal, opposite and collinear.
      This means that whenever a first body (Stomp) exerts a force on a second body (Rocket), the rocket exerts a force on the first body.
      These forces are equal in magnitude and opposite in direction. (Action/Re-Action)
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The Launch System couldn't be simpler!  Made easily and cheaply from basic components
found at any Hardware store, the "Stomp" launch system uses a common plastic
Soda (Pop) bottle - recycling in action! Simple plastic tube construction creates a stable
and durable ground launcher that uses no chemicals or dangerous explosives and
requires no water or electricity to operate.

www.paperstomprockets.com Paper Stomp Rockets by Mike Bauer Flying Model Rockets and Airplanes Stomp Bottle Launch System Print and assemble Card Models featuring realistic graphics and markings. Easy to assemble and completely reusable. Great fun for all ages!